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If you are taking the time to do research to find the right therapist, good job! Finding a good therapist is so hard! I know, I sit on your side of the couch too! The most important aspect of successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship. 


One of my goals is successfully getting clients out of therapy, something I really pride myself in. Read my yelp reviews if you haven't already! The type of client that works best with me is the type of client who is motivated, ready, and willing to put in the hard work therapy requires... a client who will go through the discomfort of growing in order to make the desired changes. If you don't know what you want to talk about or are looking for someone to "vent" to about your week to week, I am not that therapist! Know that if you are coming to me, we will be doing meaningful work. The hard work is worth it!


I want to work with sharp clients who'll understand the things we are discussing in session, who'll put in changes outside of therapy, and improve enough to get out of therapy. If you feel that we'd be a good match and that I could help you, reach out to me today for a free phone consult (as long as I am accepting clients). Please note that phone consults do not guarantee that I will add you to my clientele. Clients get to choose their therapist, and likewise, therapists get to choose their clients. Hopefully we will be a good fit!

Nicole Abadi, Long Beach anxiety therapist

My professional life: I went to CSULB from 2005-2010 for a BA and MA in English: Emphasis in Creative Writing. I knew I wanted to live in LB after my first day at CSULB! After graduating with my BA, I was hired by LAUSD to be a high school art teacher at Roosevelt High School in East LA. I taught at LAUSD for 8 yrs untilI I was pink-slipped. In 2012, I went back to grad school for a second time and eventually graduated with my MA in Clinical Psychology: Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. My clinical experience comes from working at places such as Union Rescue Mission, Glendale Community College counseling center, The LGBT Center of Long Beach, and College Hospital of Long Beach to name a few. I am incredibly proud to say that I also have a group practice, LBC Wellness and have several amazing MFT/MSW associates who speak multiple languages, working under my license and weekly supervision. 

My personal life: I was born in Iran, came to the US when I was 5 and lived in Glendale my entire life until I moved to Long Beach in 2015. I speak Farsi fluently as it's my first language. The things I am most passionate about are animal and environmental conservation. My hobbies include painting, biking, ceramics, video games, self-care, tennis, and going to the beach... I love Long Beach! I live here with my 2 Australian Shepherds Echo & Disco and my cat Felix. 

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