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Do you accept insurance?

I accept Aetna, Optum, and United for individual therapy. I no longer accept Kaiser. For MHN Medi-Cal clients, visit my group practice LBC Wellness. No insurance accepted for couples or family.

Are you in person?

I am only seeing kids/teens in person for "backyard sessions" at my home office in Long Beach. Parents should expect to meet with me and their child for the initial session. My space is safe and confidential. As of 7/1/24, I am no longer offering in person sessions and only providing telehealth to adult individuals and couples. 

Do you work with kids?

I love kids! They're one of my specialties. I work with kids 7 and up. Sessions for children 13 and up will remain confidential. I'll only communicate with parents if a teen is a risk to self/others. Parents must be very clear of this confidentiality before putting their teenager into treatment. I do not work with children/teens who engage in self-harming behavior, those who frequently express suicidal ideation, or any child/family with an open DCFS case or child-custody case. 

What are your rates?

$140 individual, $160 for couples, conjoint, or families. Sessions are 50 minutes in length. No sliding scale provided. 

What are your hours?

Tues through Fri: 11 am - 4 pm. This means my last session is at 3 pm. If you're looking for evening availability, consider seeing one of the therapists in my group practice LBC Wellness.

Can you help me?

Therapy is a collaborative process that involves your ongoing participation. It's a process you have to trust, continuously work at, and not be resistant to. It requires you being actively involved in your treatment. I give you the tools in the session, you use those tools in the real world. Therapy will only work if you are willing and motivated to help yourself. Clients who consistently do not do the homework will be referred out. 

Do you work with my issue?

Maybe. I treat a lot of presenting problems. However, I do not work with clients with the following issues: any mood disorder such as major depressive disorder, suicidality, bipolar disorder, any personality disorder, any eating disorder, any current substance abuse disorder, or clients with less than one year of sobriety. I don't get involved in legal matters; I will not take on clients who are court mandated or those who are recommended by their attorney to seek treatment to help with their open case. I also won't take on couples who have domestic violence issues or couples who are trying to "save" their relationship and entering therapy as their very last option. 

How long will therapy take?

Therapy, healing, growth all happen at different speeds for different people who come in for different issues. My ongoing goal is to get you out of therapy, not keep you in it. Successful treatment is when we resolve your initial issue(s) and any other issues that arise during treatment and you are able to cope well outside of therapy using the skills you learned. I want you to become empowered by me, not dependent on me.

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