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Catch yourself thinking of worst case scenarios? Asking "what if" all the time? Constantly looking backwards in life and not happy with decisions you've already made? Worried about decisions you'll need to make in the future? Stop living like this. Anxiety is robbing you of the most important moment: the present. Anxiety is my speciality. Let's change your life.  


If it's not too late, couples counseling can be a great way to strengthen your relationship, increase communication skills, and improve conflict resolution between you and your lover.  Please look to my FAQ page for more information pertaining to couples therapy.  Additionally, I work with all types of couples from all walks of life including LGBT couples.


I am certified in providing Anger Management courses to individuals who are legally mandated by the courts to enroll in these courses. However, at this time, I am not conducting any Anger Management courses. 


You shouldn't be in therapy forever. You should be able to come in, work on your presenting problem (and anything else that arises) and then graduate from therapy. Solution-focused therapy is successful because it identifies realistic and achievable therapeutic goals for clients to work towards. Remember, you didn't get this way overnight, so change won't occur overnight either.


I love kids! When I first became a therapist, I wanted to specialize in children/teens.  I would be happy to work with your child, but please note that I have my own boundaries in this area. I can help your child (7 and up), but there are some things you should know before reaching out for therapy for your child or teenager. Read my FAQ for more info.


Like many therapists, I work with various types of issues. I can assist you on most difficulties, however, there are some areas in which I do not work. Please read my FAQ to learn more. 

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