Hello! Finding a good therapist is hard to do! I would know; I also sit on your side of the couch! 

A little background on me... I am Persian, born in Iran and came as a refugee to America when I was 5. Farsi is my first language. I began my career in education at 17, working as a teacher's aide in a kindergarten classroom. Fast forward a few years later, I got my BA from CSULB in English, emphasis in creative writing. Once I got my BA, I was hired by LAUSD - the nation's second largest school district - and I became an art teacher, working at Roosevelt High School in East LA. I loved it! I continued teaching while I went for my MA in English at CSULB, hoping to one day teach at the college level. I stayed with LAUSD for 8 years until the budget for my class ran out. Of course classes like art would be the first to go! 


My last year of teaching, I went back to grad school for a second MA, this time at Pepperdine University for my degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy.  That is how I grew into the career I have today. Some of my clinical experience includes working at Union Rescue Mission, the largest organization in the US for homeless individuals, the student counseling center at Glendale Community College, the LGBT Center of Long Beach, and various outpatient PHP/IOP programs in hospitals. Ultimately, my calling has always been my private practice which brings us here today. I am honored and grateful to have a full practice where I can help clients every day.

I enjoy what I do for a living and I want clients to leave our sessions feeling better. Therapy will only be successful if clients can build a great therapeutic relationship with the therapist. Not only is it important for the client to feel like I am a good match, but it is important for me to feel like the client is a good match as well. Please note that my practice is almost always full. As a result, I am very selective as to who I add onto my caseload.  If you have taken a look at my FAQs, you will see that there are populations/issues I do not work with.  A phone consult can help determine our fit but does not guarantee I will take a client/couple on.

The type of client that works best with me is the type of client who is motivated, ready, and willing to put in the hard work therapy requires... a client who truly wants change and is going to go through the discomfort of growing in order to get it. Anyone can talk the talk, but few walk the walk. That's why I give homework! If this sounds like you, and you are determined to take back control of your life and well-being, call or email me today to schedule a free phone consult and let's get you where you want to be mentally and emotionally.

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